Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Day!!!

We headed up north towards Flagstaff this morning with the Nowlins to go play in the snow for the day~~~ We found the perfect actually felt like it was warmer there (hour and 1/2 north of here) than it was here!! The sun was so was a beautiful day...we ended up staying there from 11am til 4:30...the kids did sleds...had a snow ball fight...attempted to make a snowman...and sat by the fire :) What a great day!! Carli and Taylor Carli and Tatum Codi and Tori A Craig sandwich :) There is a story behind this one...sorry Tad..couldn't resist...I think he was having hot flashes :)
I actually figured out how to post a video...go me :)


Tami said...

Thanks for a fun snow day... we need to do it again soon. Hopefully we will have a good winter and the snow won't melt too fast.

Elizabeth said...

What FUN! Love that you guys needed a little snow fix! Also love, love, love the Craig sandwich shot! Too funny ;-)

Sandy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! What a fun day!!! :) Love the pictures!!! You need to teach me how you got that video on here, I still can't figure out how!!! :)