Friday, December 5, 2008

Nothing New and Exciting!!

So this full work week is finally almost over :) One more full week before the easy week of finals :) I am so looking forward to a few weeks to slow things down :) The girls are sooooo excited for Christmas this year...I have to cherish these years that they totally get into it because I know it goes by fast...Although I am excited for it maybe if you make sure they know what the true meaning of the season is, the excitement never goes away :)

On a side is proof that Codi can eat what everyone else is eating...spaghetti is one of her favorites :)


kkp1220 said...

Okay I have to call you out. Why don't you post pictures of her gagging on chicken or picking at her food;-) She is getting better but definitely still picky;-)

Enjoy the help while you get it. I remember once I got older dreading helping my mom with decorations;-)

It's Friday!!!

Sandy said...

I bet you guys can't wait for finals to be over and for the holiday break to start!! Glad to see Codi likes spaghetti, it is one of my favorites too ;) Happy Firday!