Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Weekend Over :(

We headed up to Viterbo's Ranch for the long holiday weekend. It is about 20 miles south of Prescott. It is a full operating ranch with pretty much every animal you can imagine. The eggs we ate for breakfast were being sat on by a chicken about a half an hour from scrambling time :)...It was such a relaxing weekend!!

This is the main house to the Ranch

Getting ready to go on the first Ranger ride...I stayed back with DeEtte who is 7 months pregnant (this was the perfect opportunity for me to read New Moon!)

The creek runs right behind the house...everything is so green!!

Carli and Hailey playing in the Creek...Chris uses a backhoe to dig the sand out to make it pretty deep like a swimming pool! Of course each time we go up there there seems to be some projects that gets going..this time the guys decided to build a sand volleyball court right next to the creek...I honestly thought there was no way they were gonna pull it off...

Here is the area that they started with..the soil, once turned with the tractor was really good sand!

It is like every boys' dream to play with Tonka trucks!!

Not bad huh?? I think the kids played for hours yesterday and then insisted on taking on all the adults was close for a few minutes :) maybe next time kiddos :)

Codi really wanted to bring "Daisy" the cow home...she is so cute...she had been bottle fed because her mom died at birth.

Within 15 minutes of starting our drive home :)..they were pooped!!
Back to the grind...Carli has 4 practices this week and a scrimmage...I have 2 matches and my Boys' club tryouts start..Luckily we get to start on Tuesday instead of Monday!! :)


Bill and Paige said...

What a fun trip! Did you finish?

Bill and Paige said...
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kkp1220 said...

I still want to head up there one of these days;-) It looks beautiful. That is the most I've seen of it in all these years.

Happy hour when the guys go up there in a few weeks;-) The countdown is on...21 days!!

Tami said...

What FUN!!! We will definately have to go next time :)

Bill and Paige said...

I have about 150 pages left. It was really slow there for awhile and difficult to continue:) Heard #3 is really good!!