Saturday, September 6, 2008

Every week should be a 4 day week :)

It would be so nice to have every Monday off :) It was a good week. Carli had her first scrimmage and did very well. They start their games this Wednesday (which luckily fits into my schedule perfectly...shocker :) I had two matches with my team this week. In our very first game we were down 16-8...anything and everything went wrong..all I could think gosh it's gonna be a long season...they turned things around and won both Tuesday and Thursday beating pretty decent teams. I also added to my collection of "are you kidding me" parent emails...My book should be published by the time I'm done coaching...SPEAKING OF BOOKS :) I finished New Moon (Twilight #2)...I just picked up #3 from Carly--she claims it is her favorite...(my Carli is reading the first one right now...maybe Craig will be next... :)

Had to post pics of the pups...they deserve a plug every now and then :) Love you Molly and Missy!!


kkp1220 said...

I'm next for the books. Tell Carly to hurry. If it's trashy and popular, I'm down.


Carly said...

Anything is better than New Moon!! Ugh. I'm so happy you are done with it. Kelsey needs to start catching up! :)