Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day :)

It was an amazing Mother's Day...actually a great Mother's Day weekend!!! I had my eyes done again with Lasik on Friday morning...thus requiring me to lay on the couch pretty much all day Friday and Saturday...darn :( I wasn't suppose to really watch a lot of TV so I tried to just listen to the baseball games :)

This morning we got up...had a great morning...Carli made me some toast :)...Craig surprised me with a new pair of tennis shoes (I was in the need for some new green ones:)...
Carli making some breakfast :)

My new them :)

....he who dies with the most shoes wins :)

I spent the afternoon with my mom at the Diamondbacks game...she loves baseball as much as I do :)...we had some great seats thanks to one of my volleyball boys :)...It was a great game...30 hits in the whole game...makes it fun to watch :)...we shared a beer...lunch and ice cream...:) I am so blessed to have such a great role model!!!

Craig and the girls went over to his parents...helped them with some yard work and had pizza...I joined them when the game was over :)
Craig and his mom ;)

It was a great day!!!...I am super girls make being a mother easy!!! ps..Grammy wanted to tell Carli and Codi "thanks for sharing your mommy on Mother's Day" :)


caxline said...

i am still in shock...tell me that is not your shoe closet? have you thought about therapy for that little addiction?

Bill and Paige said...

OMG!! I can't believe all those shoes...I had no idea. You continue to surprise me:) And we all thought Kelsey was rubbing off on Carli with the shopping...I think it's you:)

The picture of you and your girls is so cute!

Glad you had a great mother's day!!

Sandy said...

Happy Mother's day!! ;) Glad you had such a great weekend!! And holy shoes!!!! lol!!! Cute pics of you guys!!

kkp1220 said...

seriously no more tennis shoes!!!!!!!!
glad u had a nice day. 19 and counting;-)

Elizabeth said...

I'm impressed... quite a collection! And I love that you "needed" new green ones ;-)

Great pics! Glad you had a great weekend and all went well with the Lasik. Sorry we didn't get to see you! Next trip ;-)