Saturday, January 31, 2009

Disneyland :)

We drove over to Anaheim late Tuesday night and went to the parks Wednesday and Thursday. We have always gone the last week of January...there is no one there then!! It was a perfect trip...great weather and the kids did it all...No fear for the fast rides and they still appreciate the rides for the smaller kids..(I think they did Alice and Wonderland 3 times!)

Codi driving at the Autopia :)

I think we rode the Mattahorn 6 times :)

Craig and Codi ate all the frozen bananas and churros out of the park ;)

Craig and the girls headed to more rides while I saved our spot for Fantasmic (We absolutely love that show!!!)

Had to put this in...Codi fell asleep at Dennys at the end of the night :) We could not have asked for a better trip...I think both girls said their favorite ride was Indiana Jones...I hope they never stop wanting to go!!! :)


Elizabeth said...

Looks like you all had SO MUCH FUN! And also looks like you are right: that's the perfect time to go because it wasn't too packed! I am jealous... especially of the churros ;-)

Sandy said...

Great pictures!! So glad you guys had so much fun!! Looks like you had fabulous weather!!! :) What a fun trip!!

Bill and Paige said...

Codi sure can fall asleep anywhere!

Glad you guys had fun! The weather looked great and it really didn't look like anyone was there. So jealous you ate frozen bananas...those are my favorite:)