Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We celebrated Father's Day on Sunday pretty much in the same fashion we do most of our holiday gatherings....we all gather...have lots of food...and watch some sporting events on TV :-) About 4/5 years ago I made the mistake of buying Craig a garbage can for father's day (it was a really cool one that he had eyeballed at Costco) the joke has been for me to hopefully get him something nicer than a garbage each year! Of course Craig admits that just hanging on to his two angels is a gift enough!! :)

The kids played lots of 2 on 2 vball and cooled of in the pool

playing their 'toothpick' gets violent!

Happy Father's Day Allen..great dad and even better father in law!

Dad decked out in his dback attire :0

He had to borrow Marci's glasses to read his cards :-)

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kkp1220 said...

Carli looks like a little valley girl diva in that picture with Craig:-). Sorry we missed it!