Saturday, April 3, 2010

Healthy House :-)

The girls and I got the flu funk over spring break...this week it was Craig's turn. He definitely had it worse than the rest of us with a high fever and body fluids coming from both directions :-( He was in bed for 3 days straight which is not like Craig...I am glad he is feeling better...dishes to be washed...etc :-)

Today was a beautiful day...both girls had tournaments this morning so we had the afternoon to enjoy...We know he is feeling better because he is back to getting his chores done :-)...Codi has his OCD cleaning traits too..helping him clean the ranger

This evening the girls hung out with the Nowlins in the jacuzzi...I love when the 5 of them hang out---with all of their busy sports doesn't happen often enough!

Funny Faces!!

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Tami said...

They definately don't get to very often anymore... dang kids and their sports~ Wish we all did more often :)