Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day of School!! :) :(

And so the first day of school for the girls and I has come and gone :)(Here is our annual "first day picture") The girls had great days...I have 400 papers that I have to sign for them (killing lots of trees). Codi's lunch everyday will have one fruit item!! :) She had grapes today!! She says she ate everything...she would be the first to rat herself out if she didn't eat it all :) My day went well too...classes were good although it is way too early to tell who is gonna be a pain in the ass!! :) Volleyball tryouts started today and Carly and I are both sick to our stomachs...I know what you are thinking..."it is just volleyball"...I have been coaching for 14 years and each year gets harder to think of cutting some girls---each year as my own kids get closer to their age...I put Carli and Codi's faces on the bodies of these kids that will get cut :(...we are very lucky to have such great kids at our would be so much easier to cut them if they were little jerks!!!


Bill and Paige said...

What a cute little picture! Good luck at volleyball tryouts!

kkp1220 said...


I would be more worried about the late nights and missing happy hour than the cuts;-)

caxline said...

cut anyone who doesn't look cute in short shorts! You'll be doing them a favor!