Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Minor setback :(

I did raise one smart little child :) I have been very strict with Codi's eating habits...no soda...making her try new fruits so she will have more options of healthy snacks...etc...what does she do??? She has spent the last day and a half hanging out at a friends house...ugg..I can't exactly keep track of her meals when she is not around!! Today she went with my friend and fellow teacher Brandi up to school to hang out with her daughter...later when I picked them up they were talking about the starburst, Dr. Pepper, and hersheys bar they indulged in!!! I think this will be easier to enforce when school starts and I send her with a good lunch!! She did mention she would like to hang out with her friend Victoria again tomorrow...I wonder why:)))


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Bill and Paige said...

LOL! I need a friend like that. Watch out...she's going to be the girl in school that trades her lunch for junk food:)

Elizabeth said...

Cute blog! So, you are a convert too? I agree, Kelsey should be employed by blogspot! lol.