Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Family Day :)

It was a great family day today. We went to a bowling for our friends Logan's birthday party. It was a lot of fun...even the adults bowled in one lane...all of us being former got a little competitive :) (although I did win :-)...then we headed to go see Craig's grandmother who is 90...we feel guilty that we don't go over there as often as we should. She doesn't hear real well and I swear that Craig will intentionally confuse her by mumbling on purpose...maybe he doesn't really mean to but it gets frustrating :) She is doing good. Codi did well with her eating again. Although at the birthday party of course they had cupcakes...not just any cupcakes...frickn cupcakes on steriods...they were from costco if that explains it...everything is big there :)


kkp1220 said...

what exactly did codi eat??

Bill and Paige said...

LOL! She couldn't resist the cupcakes, but who can?