Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer 2012~~It's a wrap :-)

Summer 2012 is officially over!! :-(  We are excited for what the new school year will bring us...yet bummed that our 'often', evening trips to the ball bark aren't going to be near as frequent with school starting.  It hasn't been 'quite' the dream season as it was last year but the dbacks are still officially in it.  

I have about 4 of these pics with the girls with JJ...I think the first one, they were at his belt :-(
My nacho buddy :-) 
They still love coming (thank goodness)
Fireworks from the dugout!
Sista night at the park!
Codi stressfully watching her favorite closer!
Codi * Kaelyn
Tori * Codi

The last Sunday before heading back to teacher meetings, we headed to tube the river with the Dallmanns...we had a great time...they kids loved it, and we did some good people watching!!
Carli * Codi
Kelli * Codi

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backcountrybelle said...

Looks like you guys had a great summer! We did too, sad it's over. I wish you a great year with your teams and kids!

xoxo DeEtte