Saturday, February 18, 2012

No organized way to catch up!! :-)

I haven't posted or updated anything since New Years...I figured the easiest was to just clump it all in one :-) Probably the most significant thing that has happened is our little princess turning 16!! Like the ol saying goes...I simply cannot believe how fast time goes by!! We had a pretty decent size party for her 16th :-) She has a great group of friends both boys and girls :-) The venue was perfect (many thanks to the hosts :-)....the kids danced, played ping pong and seemed to have a great time!!

The group shot :-)


The actual day of her birthday and party really didn't seem to bother me too much...the hardest day was definitely taking her to get her driver license!! Her good friend Kayla came with us...once she had it in her hands, I decided to let her take my car straight from there and head out as a legal driver....of course once I knew Craig would come and pick me up!! :-) I was dumbfounded watching her drive off!!!

After a few weeks of her insisting on taking my car every moment she could, we decided it was time for another vehicle in our driveway! :-) She now has her own mode of transportation! We bought grandpa's tacoma this past week!! It was very weird for me to drive to school by myself again :-(

Codi has had a busy few months too with Elementary softball winding down...Frontier stunned everyone by winning their way to the District Championship game! Codi pitched many of the games this season and definitely increased her speed from last year! She had a blast with this years team since her best friend Tori was now in 7th grade and was able to be on the team too!!

They finished in 2nd place......which not many ever predicted would happen!! Way to go wildcats!!

Codi and Tori with their 2nd place pose!

At the beginning of February...the end of a tradition of 12 years came :-(....Craig took Codi to her final Daddy/Daughter dinner dance...Tad and Craig have been double dating every year..such great memories they have made!!!


Earlier in January, Craig and I went with the Thorntons, Bourlands, and Putz to Vegas for a weekend trip....definitely the highlight of the trip was the Zach Brown Band Concert---absolutely amazing show!!

This is very random but while walking in Vegas, you could take a picture with Barney who was working for tips...our kids were ADDICTED to Barney when they were we paid our respects :-)

The girls at the Concert :-)

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