Sunday, December 4, 2011

Busy Busy :-)

The girls and I both ended our school Volleyball seasons with a 2 week break before the club season got and I went on a little fun trip :-) (is that bad parenting?) :-) We headed to Michigan with the Bourlands and Putzs for a weekend of fun and football. It was so cool to put faces to many of the names that Kelsey always talks about. Craig and I definitely hung like college students the first night and paid for it :-) It was a great time even though it was a quick trip!

Strolling the Michigan Campus

I was so fascinated by the red and orange leaves :-)

Our first pub stop :-)

Craig and JJ at the M hockey game

In the big atmosphere I have never been a part of!

Group photo on campus...good thing jj's arm is long!

Craig and Gabe on the sidelines :-)

Carly, Kelsey and I staying warm
Thanks so much JJ and Kelsey for taking us back to your 'hood' :-) Such a good time!!

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