Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to the Rat Race :-)

This week was one of those weeks where it doesn't really seem real that we are back to the school/volleyball routine...but by was very real!!! School started Monday...Codi is the big leaguer at school starting 8th grade...and Carli has begun her sophomore year!! Does not seem possible :=( It is wonderful to have Carli come with me every day again this year...although most of the time, she is doing the driving since she has her permit!!! She is constantly wanting to drive...and marginally pouts if I tell her no!! Codi doesn't have to leave as early in the morning as we do...I hate leaving her every day....volleyball at her school will begin next week which she is very excited for!!! Centennial Volleyball started a week before school did this year which definitely has its advantages!! Carli and a handful of her closest friends made the Varsity team...which was very exciting for them. I have been a part of the CeHS program for 15 is so weird to look over to the Varsity court during practice as see her there!! The competition for some playing time is very tough...I think she is up for the challenge :-) Once the awful guilt of making cuts were over...I was very excited about my new JV team also. They are top notch kids that have shown in a week that they are committed to get better :-)
Annual first day pic :-)

Craig is always very glad when we all have to get back into a routine....he hates being the only one to wake up so early!! Every once in a while he chills out and takes a break from the 'things I gotta get done' list....this is what happens :-)


kkp1220 said...

I hate when school starts and i am left home alone only to look forward to our early morning spin!!

late4game said...

Just caught up on your blog. You really were busy w/ baseball this summer. I'm so glad you and the girls were able to spend some time with us. The Bauer's are always welcome when they come to Cali. See you soon.