Saturday, July 23, 2011

"What did you do all Summer"? :-)

As the summer begins to wind down :-( am sure that I will be soon addressed with the question "what did you do all summer"? It will be somewhat of a simple answer :-)...went to a lot of baseball games!! It has been so fun having our favorite Dback and family staying in town!! He had an amazing 1st half of the season which was a lot of fun to watch!! Hopefully the 2nd half of his season begins this next week!! Def could do baseball games every night instead of going back to work :-/


Both my girls love it as much as me...every night...Codi watches our game and then quickly checks in on how the Giants did for the night! She is obsessed and I love it :-)

With their favorite Dback!

Hate to see the summer of baseball, yummy food, skinny girl margs, and Addison screaming the entire way home come to an end :=(. xo

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backcountrybelle said...

What a great summer you did have! Glad you got to enjoy it doing what you love the most!