Monday, January 17, 2011

Carli's 15th Birthday :-)

Here we go again...I simply cannot believe that Carli's 15th birthday has come and gone!!! She has had an amazing year...8th grade promotion, starting high school (driving every morning with me to school), playing high school volleyball, and having a great club season!!

and it all started here!...January 16th...1996 :-)
Here are some of my favorite photos from this last year...

Carli loves her cousin Cassie...they are so much alike!!!

At Uncle Lance's Ranch

Freshman Homecoming Dance!

One of the things Carli and I have most in common...Passion for volleyball :-)

Carli's birthday fell on a day that we had an all day volleyball tournament...kind of didn't get to give her the normal 'party'...hope that doesn't mean we have to pull out all of the stops next year!! Pizza and Ice cream cake was all we could squeeze in!

I love when they love each other :-)

Carli had a cake buddy :-)
On a side note...Craig surprised me with a last minute trip to Vegas last Friday :-) We were literally only there for about 26 hours...but had such a great time...FINALLY got Craig to sit at a Pai Gow table...there were a couple times where our group owned the entire table...which makes for lots of laughs!!! Craig was hooked...I wish I had a picture of him the table by himself after the rest of us had gotten up!!


kkp1220 said...

WOW 15!! Hope my girls turn out half as good as Carli;-0

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Carli!!! You are one beautiful 15 year old!!!! :)