Friday, May 21, 2010

8th Grade Promotion!

It has been a seriously emotional week...with the passing of my Uncle last Saturday night...this week has been filled with being with my dad and aunt and cousins as much as possible. The times that we weren't over at her house were also filled with emotional events too...On Wednesday--Carli had her 8th grade promotion...they do a good job of keeping it short and sweet...all of our family went out to dinner afterwards which was necessary and nice. Craig and I are so proud of Carli---she will be riding with me to Centennial for the next four years (well maybe until she can drive herself)...We are so anxious to watch her grow in her next 'phase' of school!!!

Carli and Austin


Sandy said...

Carli you look beautiful!! Congratulations!! You are going to have so much fun at high school next year! Cari, I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle, our thoughts are with you and your entire family. We are thinking of you guys...miss you all a ton.

Bill and Paige said...

she looks so beautiful!! I can't believe she's going to be in high school:)

sorry to hear about your uncle...sending lots of prayers your way. xoxo

kkp1220 said...

I am tearing up. I don't know how you hold yourself together. She looked beautiful;-0 I love her dress. We are going to have to do some back to school shopping on Michigan Ave because I have to believe she is not going to want to do it with you at Arrowhead;-0