Monday, July 6, 2009

Camping/4th of July :)

We headed up to our normal camping spot Friday morning to meet up with the Nowlins that had been there for a few was just an overnight trip for us since Craig had to work Sat. night and Sunday.. It was a great trip...the weather was beautiful...we played lots of cards and dominoes...I should say that I got my butt kicked in all of them :) Hopefully we can camp again this summer

Carli and Molly driving the Ranger

Tatum * Payton * Codi * and Tori
We have been going to this same place since before the girls were born...we have our names carved in a few trees :)

I know it is very hard to believe...but Craig layed down and took a nap :)
Campfire time :)

Cowboy Craig with me, Tami, and Tad :)

We came home Saturday morning...Matt, Marci, and Austin came over to swim and bbq...Marci and I were talking in the pool how at our parents house we used to jump off the roof into the pool...Carli immediately insists that she wants to jump off the wall into the pool...I said sure do it (thinking for sure she would chicken wasn't exactly safe!)...She did it 3 times!!! :)


Tami said...

OMG I can't believe Carli jumped off the wall.... It looks scary to me!!!!

Glad you all came for the night.. it was fun.. just like OLD TIMES :)

kkp1220 said...

I cannot believe she did that!!!
She is Crazy!!!