Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Perfect Friday :)

Yesterday was such a great day!!! We started off at 4:30 in the morning on a little fishing adventure. I grew up with my family fishing on the river. I told my dad on father's day that we were going to take him Craig, my dad, and myself headed out on the ranger early in the was so nice out. We went to a place out by Lake Pleasant. We were there for probably a little over 2 hours....about 40 fish later...we headed home!!! It was the ideal fishing day :) soon as you cast your couldn't even sit down...your line was getting hit. They were decent size catfish too.....

He didn't get to sit still like this too often :)
Craig taking the hook out...some of them swallowed the hook and it was a pain in the butt to get them out!!
Nice looking fish :)

We were home by 9:30----Carly came over and we did some pool time :) Then Craig, Carly (not my Carli), and Craig went to dinner and to see is a pretty funny movie!!

Oh yeah...the girls had a relaxing day...I think they were in their PJs til about 3:00 in the afternoon :) The last club volleyball tournament starts tonight...we play Sunday thru Wednesday in downtown Phoenix...gonna be long days :)...Codi's pools start at 8am...and my team's pools start at 3pm...the end of club season is near :)


Tami said...

Hey if VB ends Wednesday come caming with us for the 4th.

Tami said...

that would be camping

late4game said...

Did you clean them too? UGH!

kkp1220 said...

Doesn't sound like fun to me, but glad you had a good time. I went fishing one time and was so concerned about what to do if I had to potty:-(

Carly said...

The movie was "The Hangover"! Hungover is what they all were. LOL!
It was a great day though. :)